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iPad Air Gen 5 من Apple مقابل iPad Air Gen 4: كل ما تغير

أعلنت شركة Apple عن الجيل الخامس من iPad Air الجديد خلال حدث إطلاق Apple Spring 2022 في وقت سابق من هذا الأسبوع. يحتوي iPad Air Gen 5 الجديد على بعض التغييرات على iPad Air Gen 4 الأقدم الذي تم إطلاقه في عام 2020. إليك مباراة وجهاً لوجه بين كلا الجهازين اللوحيين حتى تعرف أيهما ستحصل عليه ، وما إذا كان يجب عليك الاستثمار في ترقية.

Apple iPad Air 5 vs iPad Air 4: المواصفات

يتم تشغيل iPad Air 5 الجديد بواسطة شريحة M1 الجديدة للشركة ، والتي تعد أكبر ترقية لها على سابقتها. جهاز iPad Air الأقدم المزود بشريحة Apple A14 Bionic. تقدم شريحة M1 أداء iPad Air الجديد بمستوى مماثل لمتغيرات iPad Pro الأحدث. تدعي Apple أيضًا أن iPad Air يأتي مع منفذ USB-C أسرع. يحتوي كلا الجهازين على شاشة Liquid Retina مقاس 10.9 بوصة بدقة 2360 × 1640 و 264 بكسل في البوصة.


There’s also an upgrade on the front camera, which is now a 12MP ultra-wide sensor instead of the older 7MP wide sensor on the iPad Air 4. The new camera also supports Apple’s Center Stage feature, which makes use of the wider angle to pan around the camera intelligently during video calls to include more people in the frame. Both tablets have a near-identical 12MP single camera on the back.

You also still have no Face ID on the newer iPad Air. Other elements like the Battery life are also expected to be largely the same on both tablets.

Apple iPad Air 5 vs iPad Air 4: Design, colours and accessories

The new iPad Air 5 features the same design as the iPad Air 4. There is an aluminium frame through the sides and uniform bezels around the front. The power button gets Touch ID on both tablets too. The new iPad Air 5 comes in Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple and Blue colours, while the iPad Air 4 came in Space Gray, Silver, Rose Gold, Sky Blue and Green colours.

Both the tablets are practically indistinguishable on the design front, so the accessory support is also the same. This includes the Magic Keyboard, Smart Folio cases and Apple Pencil.

Apple iPad Air 5 vs iPad Air 4: Pricing

The iPad Air 5 is available in two variants, a Wi-Fi variant (Rs 54,900 for 64GB and Rs 68,900 for 256GB) and a Wi-Fi + Cellular variant (Rs 68,900 for 64GB and 82,900 for 256GB). Meanwhile, the iPad Air 4 is still available for roughly the same price it was launched at back in 2020. However, you may be able to find some deals on Amazon and Flipkart.

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